8 Festive Tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas:These Are Fun, Frugal and Most Importantly Eco-friendly

18-12-2019By Admin

This year if you want to spend your Christmas in more eco-friendly way, then this article brings you the best ways to spend Christmas in a eco-friendly way. This season is a season of food, party, drinks, gifts, celebrations and indulgence. It is easy to forget our planetary footprint in all the frivolity.Research has found out that 23.5% of Brits consider the environmental impact of Christmas and this figure is broken into several categories such as age. The 74% of 18-24 year olds and the rest 16% is among 55 years old. Old traditions can be modernised by eco-friendly habits. Here are our top 10 tips to spend an eco- friendly Christmas.

 1.  Plant a  TREE   

Firstly, Plant as many trees as you can on this Christmas and enjoy a green Christmas party. Why an artificial tree? When you can plant a real one. A real tree is anyway better than a memento and you don’t have to buy a memento on every Christmas and you can enjoy the plant for years. This will reduce the waste also.


         2.Eco-Friendly Gift

Shop eco- friendly gifts for your friends and family and be ethical and environmental friendly. Every year we waste our money on pointless presents. Make sure your stockings are all killer and no filler. Be more conscious of your impact on the planet and how ethically your gifts were created and how much environment friendly your gifts.


3 .Use LED lights

Taking care for our environment is our utmost responsibility. Most of us know the environment friendly processes such as recycling to minimise the amount of waste we produce and reduce our carbon footprint. LED lights help to reduce carbon emissions.

         4. Use recycle wrap papers

Wrap your eco-friendly gifts with eco-friendly wrap paper. In 2017, the UK wasted an estimate of 108 million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. You can complete the look of your gift with attractive recycled papers or newspaper or fabric which can be reused. It will make your gift more memorable.

5. Cut food waste

This Christmas let’s promise to cut food waste. If you end up with over-catering, don’t just bin what’s left. Transform the left overs and make it a meal for others. Donate extra food to locals or homeless humans.

         6. Offset your carbon while travelling

There are many offset schemes which can minimise your impact if you are using fuel. It is very east to assess your impact and to do well to the environment.

7. Get a smart meter in this Christmas

In this Christmas install a smart meter at you place or office today and help your government to achieve net-zero emissions target by 2050. If every household in the UK gets a smart meter during this Christmas then 11% of the government’s net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050 would be satisfied in one fell swoop.

        8. Invest on a great energy deal

This Christmas invest on a lower energy tariff which provides you a better deal than you current provider. Reduce the carbon emission and help the earth to get a better future. Compare your deals at Switch Ez and switch your plan on this Christmas and save pounds.

We should start thinking about our earth and do everything we can. If you are not an eco-warrior then gear-up your thoughts from today and make the earth healthier. These Christmas tips will help you to contribute something to the earth in a very minimal way. Reduce waste and start recycling. Reduce energy waste and sign up for valuable energy tariffs by comparing at Switch Ez. Hope this Christmas empowers everyone to make positive changes.


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