Meter Reading: How Does It Help to save My Money?

28-04-2020By Admin

Are you worried about your energy bills?? You think your supplier is overcharging you on your bills then you should go for a meter reading check. Let us tell you that meter readings and energy rates are the two most important elements that make up your energy bills. Since your energy supplier often sends you bills based on estimates. Giving meter readings to your supplier ensure you pay for the correct amount according to your usage. You need to the energy rates and how much your supplier charges for each unit of energy that you use. Luckily, the meter reading process on your electricity meter is simple and easy and could save you a lot of money.

Switch Ez explains how to give a meter reading but also how to make sure that you’re on the best deal!

Types of electricity meters people usually have:

Standard Electric Meter

Most of the people living in the UK use standard electric meters which are also known as electric mechanical meters. This has a revolving dial which looks like a mileage dial in a car dashboard; it turns according to the amount of energy usage. The more energy is used the more the dial will turn and display a higher figure.  To take a reading from this meter, you need to read the black numbers from left to right. Though sometimes some meters display a red set of numbers if in case your meter is showing the set of red numbers you can ignore it and record the black numbers only.

Dial Meter

Dial meters work by rotating a series of dials. In this meter the dial turns according to the usage of energy. While taking the meter reading you need to start from left to right and you need to note each figure that is being displayed. If one of the dials is showing a display that is between two numbers then you should make a note of the number that is passed over the first.

Digital Meter

Digital meter is the most uncomplicated and easy to read. All you have to do this locate the display and note the first 5 numbers that are being displayed. You need to push a button on the meter if the numbers are not being displayed at first.

Prepayment Meter

If you are subscribed to a prepayment meter to the company then you will be paying in a top-up system which means the number will be automatically displayed on your meter that will be your remaining credit level. To change this to your meter reading you need to push a button on your meter. This changes the display to your energy usage information and if your prepayment plan is in 7 price structure then you need to push the button twice to change the meter display.

How to know if my energy rates are too high compared to others:

Even if you use a small amount of energy, your supplier using standard variable tariff can charge you more on a fixed energy deal which cannot be spotted on your energy bill. You can compare your energy rates on a recent bill with the rates of the cheap deal at your location at Switch Ez to know about the best plans according to your needs.

After you compare your current rate with other suppliers’ rates and feel like you are paying too much for gas and energy, then it is high time to consider a switch from your current supplier. Switching to a new tariff does not take long. It is a very simple and hassle-free step with Switch Ez and no disruption to your power supply happens. Compare and get the best deal only at Switch Ez.

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