Types of Broadband Connections in the United Kingdom

21-10-2019By Admin

We all want to understand the workings of the broadband connections that we choose to go for. This not only helps us get an adequate amount of required knowledge but also helps us choose a broadband package that fits our needs as well as serve us the best.

It is to be noted that there are different types of broadband connections and all of these comes along with different specifications and features. Once you understand the types of available broadband connections in your region, it gets easier for you to understand the kind of connections you want when choosing a broadband package. Thus, let’s discuss some of the most popular types of broadband connections.

To begin with, we shall first start off with cable networks which are since its inception in demand. The coaxial cables are just the right fit as it uses fiber optic ensuring a smooth and fast broadband service. Next in the line comes ADSL that is an abbreviation for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This type of broadband is delivered through the phones with the use of wires made of copper. Currently, ADSL 1 and ADSL2+ are the different types of broadband connections the type provides. The only difference is that the former offers a maximum speed of 8 bits, the later gives a speed of 24 bits.

Lastly, to conclude the types, we have fiber connectivity broadband thus, meaning a type that uses fiber cables to provide the broadband service. The cluster of fiber optic wires allows you to enjoy the speed that goes up to 1 GB. However, this is only available for the premise's services. Moreover, you can enjoy the usual 38 MB or a 76MB speed.

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